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A few dress code guidelines to consider for your next online interview.

The situation with the pandemic that we are facing today has no doubt change the way we lead our lives both professionally and personally. Many companies are now facing the new reality of having their employees working from home, which have created some debates in several fields. 

Today I will examine the dress code that not only employees but also jobseekers should follow in order to look professional.

As the HR Executive of a future oriented company this new world phenomenon has not really changed much for us. We have the advantage to work as productive at home as if we were in the office, as our company has all the necessary tools to make this possible. However, for a company to remain professional should not just rely on the devices but also on the human asset. A big debate during the new ‘work from home’ reality is what dress code should people follow.

In YouDream we believe that is important to maintain the business casual wear that we would follow if we were working from the office. There is no need to wear shirts with collar, but our employees embrace the proper casual dress code as part of their business development and avoid wearing sportswear and tops with stamps/logos, spaghetti strip and clothes that are too revealing, pajamas, velour hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, and robes. This professional evolution is part of the Philosophy of the working environment of Youdream and comes in a natural way, because when a company aims ONLY to move forward, it has to TRAIN its staff properly so that it can cope in all environments.

However, as our number one rule is to always be professional, as it reflects respect not only towards our clients but also to each other, during online meetings that the cameras are on (either with clients or within the company) we decided to keep polo shirts for male employees and neutral monochrome tops and blouses for female employees.


Another issue that I would like to raise is the way that candidates appear at online interviews. In an interview one should try and show their best self, and as the first impression the interviewee will get from the candidate is their appearance, clothing should be considered carefully before an interview.  Candidates that appear with a t-shirt or a hoodie, the first impression they give to the interviewee is that this person does not care if they will have a successful interview and they don’t show any respect to us. Moreover, someone who appears scruffy and careless makes you wonder whether they act this way at work as well.

Part of an employee or respective candidate’s appearance is also the location that they chose to connect from. If someone cannot connect form an office area, the tidiness of the room they will have the meeting/ interview from is as important as their appearance. An untidy room or a bed full of clothes is not an accepted location for a meeting or an online interview.

To conclude, no matter where we are working from it is still important to maintain the professional appearance we would in the office, or that we would appear to an important meeting or interview, as it is very important not to forget, that every employee is the Person of his Company both inside and outside the work environment.

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