So, What is FlexPod ?

FlexPod is the converged infrastructure solution from NetApp and Cisco.

The solution is prevalidated integrated, so customers can count on an effective infrastructure, with rapid, repeatable deployment, and centralized and simplified management.

FlexPod also features NetApp storage, along with Data ONTAP. FlexPod stands apart from similar solutions thanks to truly unified storage that can be virtualize into pools and nondisruptively managed. FlexPod also uses OnCommand storage software that delivers the built-in storage efficiencies of Data ONTAP, integrated data protection and intelligent management and automation.

FlexPod accelerates the transformation from infrastructure silos to a virtualized, shared environment with prevalidated, standardized, scalable building blocks that leverage a next-generation data center solution from Cisco, NetApp, and leading OS and hypervisor partners.

FlexPod includes Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) server systems, which provide programmable, virtualized compute with an open API and support for orchestration tools. It has its own policy-based management with service profiles and self-integrating components. And works with the Cisco Nexus series switches for a unified fabric, virtualization awareness, simple scaling and high performance I/O.

Why Choose FlexPod ?

FlexPod is a proven market leader with an investment of over 250 person-years of engineering. Since 2010, over 9,000 customers have deployed FlexPod, with over 4,000PB of capacity shipped on those systems. Through these strong investments and customer relationships, we make innovation easier to deploy in enterprise data centers. Simplifying the delivery of data center platforms gives enterprises an advantage in delivering new services and applications.

FlexPod accelerates the delivery of applications by providing end-to-end validated design and deployment guides, simplifying many of the challenges involved in bringing new services to market quickly. These designs are the result of joint engineering, investment, and testing. The designs and deployment guides are provided for common workloads and deliver step-by-step instructions for repeatable high-quality deployments, resulting in more service level consistency and standardization.

FlexPod helps IT accelerate business

  • Software Defined Computing
  • Unified Management
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Data Management
  • Automation and Rapid Application Deployment
  • Standard Test Plan
  • Unified Fabric
  • Unified Networking
  • Unified Storage
  • Programmable Infrastructure
  • Validated Design
  • Precise Deployment