Smart Cities

Implementing the vision of Smart Cities

The data-driven services and applications of smart cities are creating a need for top data management practices to unlocking value from connected devices across these new smart city ecosystems.

  • Smart Parking
  • NetApp Data Fabric
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Smart Utility Sub-Metering
  • Private/Hybrid Cloud AppsWireless IoT Networks
  • Smart Environment Stations
  • IoT Platforms
  • IT Security
  • Software Defined Infrastructure

Smart Hospitals

The modern hospital is a digital hospital

Evolving IT operations and improving workforce, patient, and visitor experience with ubiquitous network access on any end device.

  • e-Health Solutions
  • Patient Experience at Level 7
  • Doctor & Administrator Experience at Level 7
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
  • Smart Physical Security
  • Hospital Information Management System
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Indoor Navigation