Why Enterprise Backup?

The most important asset for an enterprise, after the centralized storage, is the backup software. Keeping data safe, comply with regulations, GDPR, etc; can either put you out of business or save your business! An enterprise backup software is a centralized solution that can cover any application, server, user computer and also backup your data that are located in the cloud (eg. Office 365, Google). Is your business prepared for ransomware attack? Imagine to have one single pane of management to control your data, the retention, where you want it stored, how many copies in different locations and most importantly to have a fast recovery. How do you protect your end-user data?


Around-the-clock global operations, data growth, and server virtualization all together can complicate protection and recovery strategies. They affect when and how often you can perform backups, increase the time required to back up, and ultimately affect your ability to successfully restore. These challenges can force lower standards for recovery objectives, such as reducing the frequency of backup jobs or protecting fewer applications, both of which can introduce risk.

To eliminate complexity and accelerate protection and recovery, you need a solution that combines the benefits you expect from a traditional backup product with high-speed snapshot technology, all within a single management interface. That solution must also be efficient, helping you to reduce both storage and operational costs, and minimize risk.