Outsourcing Trainings

What is Outsourcing?

In today’s world outsourcing has a significant role and value in organizations since it helps them to increase their efficiency, to mitigate risk and reduce their costs. Outsourcing refers to the acquisition of an organization’s products or services from external third-parties. ISO 37500 includes the main processes and phases of outsourcing, despite the size and sectors of the operating industry. The main aim is to provide an establishment to enable organizations to successfully outsource arrangements within the contractual phase.

Why is Outsourcing important for you?

As an Outsourcing Manager, you have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully implement, maintain and manage an outsourcing framework based on ISO 37500 with the required components and processes involved. The standard is intended to deliver an establishment which enables the organizations to enter into and continue to sustain successful outsourcing arrangements. Through adequate training, you will be able to achieve mutual benefits for clients and providers, and acquire compulsory skills to advise an organization accordingly when outsourcing. Most importantly, you will strengthen your personal qualification to act as a professional when conducting an outsourcing project.

Benefits of Outsourcing Certification

  • Increased business efficiency
  • Help the organization to manage costs
  • Identifying threats involved with outsourcing
  • Achieve better outcomes
  • Provide continued value

How do I get started with Outsourcing Training?

Choosing the right certification body to offer the finest qualitative training can be challenging. Our training is uniquely designed to meet individuals and organization’s needs.  A PECB certification reflects safety, reliability and superior quality. If you are keen to be part of a global network and boost your knowledge, then our experts are here to help.

Training Course Selection

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