Press Release – Exclusive Launch of Cyber Resilience Platform Powered by Metallic AI in Cyprus

YouDream Consulting a pioneering force in the Tech Industry, proudly announces the success of the exclusive launching in Cyprus of Commvault’s Cyber Resilience Platform powered by metallic AI.

Hosted at the prestigious Amathus Hotel in Limassol on Thursday November 23rd, the private event brought together Industry Leaders, Cybersecurity Experts, and Key Stakeholders to witness the unveiling of an AI driven groundbreaking solution set to redefine the landscape of Cyber Resilience holistically.

“The success of the Commvault Cloud powered by Metallic AI launch at the Amathus Hotel reflects not only the cutting-edge technology behind our solution but also the shared commitment of Industry Leaders to prioritize cybersecurity. With this event we are establishing our presence in Cyprus, as it was a great opportunity to bring together essential Stakeholders from Cyprus’s

IT Ecosystem to witness the evolution of cybersecurity” quoted Christobal Macedo Commvault’s General Director thanking YouDream Consulting for hosting the event.

“YouDream Consulting the 1st and only Commvault Service Advantage Partner in Cyprus is honored to be at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, empowering organizations to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Many organizations overlook the significance of cybersecurity, and we are proud to pioneer a service that addresses this crucial aspect. Our commitment is to redefine the landscape of data security, and with the introduction of Commvault Cloud, we aim to set a new standard for safeguarding data on the island” quoted Harry Haramis, YouDream Consulting’s CTO / Datacenter Architect.

I am truly excited as this exclusive launching in Cyprus, is just the beginning of a series of actions and events that will focus on the aspects of Technology harmonization and Innovation” quoted Maria Militsopoulou, Founder & CEO/CVO YouDream Consulting and concluded “At Youdream Consulting, our focus is on the future and advancements in the global technology market that evolves rapidly. With this event, we introduced a hybrid innovative platform powered by AI that, as Commvault’s campaign motto states, is the cure for cybersecurity chaos”.

About YouDream Consulting:

YouDream Consulting a forward-thinking Cypriot company headquartered in Limassol, with extensive experience and expertise in the technology and Digital Transformation sector providing cutting-edge solutions to secure businesses in the digital age.

Among its specialties are on-premise Datacenter and infrastructures, as well as cloud and hybrid infrastructures, covering everything from design and delivery to implementation and 24×7 support. The company offers its expertise across Europe and the Middle East through certified engineers.

Many success stories of the company originate from the Banking, Educational, and Maritime sectors, where it has successfully completed projects using products from companies such as Commvault, NetApp, Cisco, Lenovo, CheckPoint, and VMware. It delivers reliability, return on investment, cyber resilience, security, and business continuity to its clients and partners.

About Commvault:

Commvault, established in 1988, was founded with the mission of data management, backup creation, and recovery. It offers enterprise-grade data management software and has evolved over the years into a Cyber Resilience Platform, securing over 1400 technological patents. With a global trust of over 100,000 businesses, Commvault is a leader in data security and recovery. It provides a 3-5 times lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to competitors, boasting a remarkable 98% customer satisfaction rate.